Each piece, a unique work of art
made by hand

Fire and sand, secrets of an art that turns into magic: the magic of glass

Each of our watches is the jewel of this alchemy, a unique work of art by its dial made entirely by hand in original Murano glass certified Vetro Artistico® Murano.

An artistic and technological feat, each of these works of art is created and manufactured in our Murano – Venice workshops by our Glass Masters and is unique.

The Murrines, Millefiori, Avventurine, Incalmo, Lattimo, Soffiato and others Filigrana then cross the Alps to join our precision machining centers in Switzerland where they are transformed into dials thanks to the latest technologies.

“In addition to a high precision Swiss watch, owning a Murano Millefiori® means possessing a unique work of art enclosing in its heart a parcel of the Serenissima.”

The thickness setting at 0.7mm +/- 0.01 and the polishing entirely done by hand require knowledge and dexterity that only our craftswomen and -men hold and transmit from generation to generation within our company.

The indexes of our dials, for example, are exclusively crimped which requires up to thirty holes to be drilled one by one in the thin glass sheet.

Our specialists must master a dozen different professions before our exclusive pieces of art can be placed at the heart of our timepieces.

Each Vetro Artistico® Murano certified dial is signed by the Master Glassmaker who created and handcrafted it. You will never meet an identical one.